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Here is a website list of companies and people that have assisted me taking many the images found in the Birding Travels section and contact information for these will be found on each of the website links. The list is in reverse order it has been used and may not be complete, so any 'missing-link' feedback would be most welcome.

Tiger Tracker - Rajat Singh                                                      - website:

Sunbird Tours UK (now closed)                                                - website:

Wings Birding Tours Worldwide (Sunbird sister company)  - website:

Arnfinn Johansen Wildlife Photography AS                           - website:

Oltepesi Tented Safari Camp                                                    - website:

Muskox & Arctic Fox photography guide Even H. Agerup    -

Nature contact person - Sergey Panayotov         - website:

Purely Pelicans: contact person - George S. Blonsky          - website:

Birding Sri Lanka: contact person - Chandima Jayaweera - website:

Kina Reiser (Oslo Norway):                                                      - website:

Paul Sawer Wildlife Photography (Suffolk UK):                    - website:

Sakertour (Hungary):                                                               - website:

Bosque del Rio Tigre Lodge (Costa Rica):                              - website:

WildPhoto Travel (Norway)                                                      - website:

WildBirdEco (Thailand):                                                           - website:


Here is a list of diverse useful birding information sites which I use & may be of interest for other Photobirder's.

Norwegian Bird Reporting Site:                   - website:

Swedish Bird Reporting Site:                       - website:

Falsterbo Bird Observatory:                         - website:

BirdingPlaces - (European birding sites)   - website:

Tracking Marked Geese & Swans:               - website:

European Colour Ring Birding:                     - website:

TønsbergFugl - colour ringed birds etc.:    - website:

Portal to the Lesser White-fronted Goose  - website:

iGoTerra (Nature registering site):              - website:

Xeno-Canto - world bird sounds:                 - website:

My Photobirder blog                                       - website:

My wife and travel partner's blog                 - website:

Wildlife Safari's - Finland/Lassi Rautainen - website:

Finnature - birding & photography tours     - website:

Scandinavian & Worldwide Weather            - website:

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