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South Africa 2012

1st - 12th February 2012

The following small selection of bird images were taken on a short trip to South Africa between 1st and 11th February 2012 which was organised by the Star Tour company, Temareiser in Oslo. The trip consisted of a guided 6-day "Big Five" safari based in the Kruger National Park and a 4-day sightseeing visit to Cape Town. However, although the "Big Five" were all seen and photographed, the time allowed to enjoy and obtain interesting photographic images was very restricted, although the safari company used for our Kruger days provided an otherwise excellent service. The Cape Town itinerary appeared to be well planed, but our guide changed the venue to an unacceptable extent, resulting in much of our valuable time being wasted and therefore this company cannot be recommended to other photobirders. 



This gallery will be added when photos are available.

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